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We are a group of off roaders that wanted to get back to the basics of four wheeling. Meaning when we go four wheeling we leave the drama and politics at the house and focus on having a great time.  Some of our members have been on TV, in magazines and in various competitions as well yet we welcome wheelers of all levels from beginner to expert.   Want to go for an off road run ? Make a post in the "Trail Events and Gatherings" area of the forum with date, time, meeting place, trail to be run and trail requirements and we go. It's that simple. 

Bring your family and friends and go wheeling with us. Want to see where we have been four wheeling ? Be sure and check out the "Trail Reports" thread with pictures video and more. We also have areas on our forum for "4x4 Tech Talk" and many others.  Our annual off road event "Rebel Rigs On The Mountain" camp out and run  is held in Big Bear Lake California in September and has trails from mild to rocks and more rocks with great scenery no matter what the trail is.

There is no forced activism in our organization and there won't be. Don't get me wrong, many of us are known to be involved in petitions to help save our trails, meetings with BLM and other organizations. It is optional here as we are more dedicated to the "back to basics" of four wheeling  mentality with out all the political stuff being mandatory like many off road organizations.   ANY FOUR WHEEL DRIVE is good to go here as well.

Stock to hardcore trail rigs are all welcome here. Same with the trail runs, scenic to hardcore is all good. Stocker to Rocker brought in on a trailer or a daily driver is all good with us.  We have been four wheeling with all the above and then some and have always had a great time.

Official Rebel Chapter 4x4 logo stickers, shirts and windshield banners are available to anyone that is a registered user on the forum. Access is limited to non members so therefore many areas of the forum will not be seen by those not registered. So REGISTER HERE for access  or just stop in and  visit our off road forums

Thank you for visiting from the Rebel Chapter 4x4 crew


January - Member Sponsored Runs

February - King of The Hammers

March - Tierra Del Sol at Truck Haven

April - Easter Jeep Safari Moab

May - High Desert Round up

June - Member Sponsored Runs

July - Member Sponsored Runs

August - Member sponsored runs

September - Rebel Rigs on The Mountain

October - Halloween at Calico Ghost Town

November - Member Sponsored Runs

December - New Years Eve Party at The Clubhouse 

Don't forget to check the forum for the latest Events, Trail Reports and much more....

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 Rebel Chapter 4x4 is pleased to announce that we have brought on Revolution Vehicle Dynamics as our Official sponsor. They have great prices and quality service for any and all things 4x4 related and for car's and trucks from 1927 on up.  Custom work and hard to find parts is not a problem with them.  They have also been featured several times this year in "Off Road" magazine with some of there build projects.  See the RVD sponsor page for more information.


Shannon Campbell... congratulations

on the win from Rebel Chapter 4x4

 Friday Febuary 10th 2017 in Johnson Valley California

Shannon Campbell is the first and only racer to take a third King of the Hammers crown. Having his Son Wayland on the podium in second for the UTV race and the main event, made 2017 an incredible year for the Campbell family. A huge part of the rock crawling and rock racing scene from the beginning, Shannon Campbell took his third King of the Hammers crown, the only driver to accomplish that feat.Shannon Campbell’s will to win goes beyond most. He chased Son Wayland through the desert for miles literally driving the wheels off. On three Nitto’s and a bare wheel, he edged out Wayland to win by 28 seconds. He shows what it takes to be the first to earn three KOH crowns.In order to fully appreciate what Shannon Campbell has accomplished, you have to go back to the very beginning of Ultra4/King of the Hammers (KOH). Shannon was not an OG-13 member, the group of drivers who met on the lakebed in 2007 to see if it was even possible to run several Hammers trails in a single day; all for a 12 pack of beer.

He was instrumental in creating what we have today by winning the first organized race in 2008 in a car he built in his own Campbell Enterprises shop. Shannon started dead last and won the event in 2008.


                        MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
                      Rebel Chapter 4x4 member Shay Stepp

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Four Wheel and Off Road's Ultimate Adventure 2010

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